Today on The Crazy Cat Editor we cover some writing dos and don’ts for aspiring writers. These tips will help you focus more on the practice of writing rather than focus on the plot and characters.

Today we get down into the nitty-gritty of how to improve your writing so that it attracts an audience with just a few small steps.

DO practice writing every day

Developing the habit of writing every day helps keep your mind in the “writing zone” where you constantly build up your skills. Slacking means losing track and possibly even setting your skills back a notch. Don’t give up! Like all habits, you must put them in place to start.

"Good writing comes from practice and hard work. Even the greatest writers take years to develop their skills. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they keep on writing, through thick and thin. Day after day." - CONSTANT CONTENT

DON’T over worry about how much you write every day

Don’t worry too much about how many words or chapters you’ve completed each day. That’s a good way to brew negativity and shame. Focus more on quality rather than quantity in writing and the story will finish itself eventually. Don’t worry!

DO look up writing prompts

I’ve always found that looking up inspiration and prompts helps to get me in the groove for writing. If you look up prompts, you introduce yourself to new ideas and possibilities in your writing and creative bubble. This may also help when you’re not sure where your story should go next.

See: How to Use Writing Prompts to Become a Better Writer

DON’T compare yourself to others

The green-eyed cookie monster is kind of a jerk, especially when it comes to creative hobbies and professions. It can be easy to look at the success of others and want to throw our laptop out of the window. However, let’s not forget how expensive that laptop was! While it may be easy to compare yourself to others, don’t. They’re on a different path and their journey is not yours. Your success will come in time.

DO write down writing ideas

You ever find yourself strolling around the mall and suddenly – AHA! An idea has popped into your head. This one’s a killer! This is the perfect climax for your story aaaaand there it goes. It’s gone. Poof. If only you had made a note about it before you had forgotten.

If you write down your ideas, you’re less likely to forget and become frustrated with yourself for lack of content in your novel/story. You also have a ton of your own writing prompts to fall back on for your next story!

DON’T get distracted

Oh no! The Office is being taken off Netflix next year! I must binge ASAP. Or, you could remind yourself that you’ve seen it 50 times and writing is a bit more important right now. While it may be fun to allow yourself to get distracted and take a break, sometimes that can really get you off track from your goals. If you allow a set time for breaks, you keep yourself from getting too far behind on deadlines.

DO read as much as possible

If you’ve read my post, “Why You Need to Read More,” you’ll likely know what I’m talking about when I say that reading improves your writing. Studies show that reading helps your social and writing skills along with your memory. It can also help inspire your next big idea!

DON’T expect to be a master after only a few weeks

Good writing comes with time. You can’t expect to be an aficionado within just a few days or even weeks. Don’t put yourself down for not having 500 sales on your story or 500 viewers on your blog; it will come with time and will be worth the wait!

It’s completely possible to become a writing expert, but don’t compare yourself too much to others when it comes to your talents and sales. That could kill your mojo and really set you back.

Feel free to leave a comment on your own dos and don’ts for writing. See you next time!

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