Hi there and welcome to my blog, The Crazy Cat Editor. Today, I’ll be addressing the topic of why reading is so important and why you should do it more often.

Below I have a list of 5 Reasons Why You Need to Read More. Let’s begin.

1. Reading Stokes Your Imagination!

When you read, your imagination is poked repeatedly with a large stick called “possible adventures” or “new horizons!”

You’re sitting there, nose stuffed in a book, thinking about how you’re suddenly in an entirely different world. There are so many things that could happen in this kooky place.

Maybe a prince will whisk you away to his flying castle surrounded by hovering pink-pit bulls, or perhaps you’re solving the next big mystery of why the old lady next door keeps stealing the mayor’s ever-so-carefully frosted donuts; the possibilities are endless!

   2. Reading Helps You Focus!

I have a very severe problem called “I forget everything you tell me within 3 seconds unless I write it down - oh there’s a puppy!” If you haven’t noticed, I have trouble focusing sometimes. I’m sure we all do.

The cool thing about reading is that you have a moment, or in my case when I read, several hours, to sit down quietly and focus all your attention on the story in front of you.

Reading trains you to focus better on what’s happening in the moment; if you skip ahead or fall behind, you might miss something important!

    3. Reading Improves Your Memory!

As I noted previously, I have a horrible memory. Or, at the very least, a selective one; I have no problem remembering my favorite sushi order but for the life of me I can almost never remember to study without a planner shoved down my throat. Lucky for me, I like making planners.

I also like reading, which can help improve your memory by requiring you to remember places, characters, events, etc.

Reading sends your cerebrum, or muscle memory, on a 20-mile marathon; in other words, reading works your brain and helps to keep you on the right page, no pun intended.

   4. Reading Helps You Communicate Better!

Reading introduces you to all kinds of different scenarios and dialogues that help you to better navigate social situations. You might take on witty and entertaining quirks from your characters that help to shape your own social interactions and personality.

Reading also gives you loads more exciting stories to talk about with others!

   5. Reading is Fun!

Now, I don’t know about you, but the concept of being chased by unseen forces for stealing a holy cupcake excites me.

You know where I can experience that?

While reading a book.

Not sure which one yet, but I’m going to keep looking until I find it. I’m not sure why most of my fantasies involve food, but what can you do? In any case, reading takes you on crazy adventures and quests and lets you experience all the fun you might be lacking in your own life.

I always say: those who don’t like reading just haven’t picked up the right book yet. I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to next time!

Feel free to leave a comment below mentioning your own favorite book, character, or strange fascination with unseen forces in relevance to baked goods.

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