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My name is Lorinda Wosar and I’m an author, most recently of the Kit Weston Chronicles Volumes I through III.

Due to my own personal experiences, I wanted to touch on writing tips as well as self-publishing tips I have learned in order to help others develop their skills.

When I self-published my first book, it was a rush job, failing on all aspects – in turn, publishing a hot mess. I suppose I was so excited that I forgot about the notion that it is important to submit literary works that people actually wanted to read.

The number one tip I give to everyone is EDIT! EDIT! EDIT!

Since I don’t have the extra money to pay for a professional editor, I utilize beta readers and Grammarly, which is helpful for the most part – although I find that it is glitchy at times.

Always good to go through a book with a fine tooth comb to check for grammatical errors and spelling; that is the basic requirement. Most importantly, check for flow.

If you are like me and have a million ideas running around in your head, don’t put all those ideas in one book, as with my first book, the last few chapters had no relevancy to the actual storyline.

I certainly learned my lesson when I started to write Crooked Halo and the Badge: Kit Weston Chronicles Volume I. That book is not perfect, but certainly much better than the first book I published.

Another tip I would give is to make your characters sound like humans, not one-dimensional cardboard characters. Dialogue is key, so long as it is relevant to the story itself.

Now, to close this up, I want to touch on what I learned with self-publishing. If you are doing it on the KDP via Amazon, watch the how to videos on margins and page size.

They save so much time and heartache and there is nothing worse than a poorly formatted book. Once again, I learned my lesson with the first book I self-published.

I hope my personal tips help you all out there. Writing is easy for the most part, after is the hard part, but a learning tool.

In closing, I want to give a couple of shameless plugs.

You can find the Kit Weston Chronicles on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as on various sites. These are available on e-book, paperback and not to forget audiobooks. You can find me on my CrookedWightWings group on Facebook and my website: www.crookedwightwings.com.

Thank you so much,

L.D. Wosar