Welcome to The Crazy Cat Editor! Here we talk about all things writing, blogging, inspiration, and cats! From time to time you will see a guest post from other amazing writers, so keep posted! I'm excited to support you through your journey, be it writing for a blog, school, a book, or just for fun! 

There are no judgments here, so if you need some advice, shoot us a message! Watson, Rose, and I will be more than happy to help with whatever you need to work on. Have any ideas on how we could improve? Let us know! 



Meet Rose, my leading lady. She's great at providing content for action scenes, reenacting thrillers, jumping up the walls, and screaming for no reason.


Meet Watson, my sophisticated snuggle buddy. He's a master in Victorian-era writing, reviewing fight scenes, and chilling out on the couch.


I'm a lady who's a little bit crazy who also happens to love cats. I spend most of my time writing, eating way too much sushi, doodling, and playing the piano.


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